FILA Events

15 July 2019
"Cross border capacity building activity for FILA managers", 15-19 July 2019, CIHEAM Bari

CIHEAM Bari will organize a capacity building activity for 12 managers as part of FILA project. Four participants from each partner country i.e. Italy, Albania, and Montenegro will attend the training sessions which will take place from Monday, 15 July to Friday, 19 July at CIHEAM Bari. 

The programme will include key international expert lectures and group work on specific needs related to the practical implementation of tools transferred by the experts. The first day will be focused on programmes and services for a successful incubation model and on how to create a possible incubator based on the Fila Lab model study. On the second and third day, participants will learn how to build territorial innovation systems around the Fila Model and Co-design of a sustainable business model. 

During the fourth day, a success story and concrete example of the activity run by an incubator will be presented. The training will be concluded on the last day with a lesson on an effective communication strategy for an innovation hub capable of involving the territory.