Workshop and B2B meeting on the framework of the FILA PLUS project

23 May 2023
Workshop and B2B meeting on the framework of the FILA PLUS project organized by ADF

Workshop and B2B meeting on the framework of the FILA PLUS project

Albanian Development Fund have organised the Workshop and B2B meeting, in the framework of the project “Strengthening and empowering of cross border innovation networks through Fertilization Innovation Labs in Agro-food. 

The activities were organized in the premises of Hotel Park Plazza in Korce on 27-28 April 2023.


Workshop on "Incentivizing and supporting business creation and business growth through FILA Lab"

Representatives of project partners  from CIHEAM Bari (Italy) and Tehnopolis Niksic (ME) and ADF also attended the meeting accompanied by the SME representatives of their country.

Meantime the representative of the Ministry of Economy of Montenegro attended the meeting online.

The total number of particpants was up to 40 (fourty) including also the representatives from the public sector institutions, universities, companies as well as the civil society institutions. 

First part of the workshop was mainly focused on the presentation of all particpants and their activities. The second part of the workshop was organized by divinding the partcipants in three discussion tables.

The second part was structured in 3 (three) different discussion tables, where each table was moderated by a key person.

The discussions in the tables included as follows: 

  • SME in Farming - Business models for SME in Farming
  • Innovation in Farming - Innovation methods in agriculture
  • Creation of Local Action Groups and the importance of joining all the main actors of agriculture in a group to share the problems but also to provide faster and more effective solutions.                    

The discussions of the tables were finalised with quite interesting ideas and conclusions, which were then summarized at the end by each table leader and presented to the participants.  

During the last part of the first day event, the participants were accompanied to visit the Innovation Hub in Korca as well as a Tourism Hub, newly constructed and ready for the inauguration that is being established by ADF.


B2B meeting entitled “Knowledge Transfer and Innovation”

The next day On April 28, 2023 in Korca, was organized the B2B Event with theme “Knowledge Transfer and Innovation”. The activity was organized in the premises of Hotel Park Plazza in Korce, and there were 10 guests representing innovative businesses in agriculture from Tirana and Korca and the main actors of agriculture such as representatives of  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Albania, Representative of the Directorate of Agriculture Korca and representatives of Agricultural Technology Transfer Center Korca .( agenda attached for more details). The SME-s representing Project partners as CIHEAM (IT) and Tehnopolis (ME) attended also the meeting.

The interest of the participants was quite big in the field of innovation in agriculture and as it was seen in the activity and  all the business representatives were very interested in developing their innovative businesses.

The B2B discussions between representatives from business to each other and the main actors of agriculture were of great interests and lasted until 13:00.

At the end of the B2B discussions, was made a summary of the entire event and were invited all business participants to sign the Memorandum of Agreement, which ensures the commitment for the future possible cooperation between innovative agricultural businesses.